Who we are
Liz and Leo Cummins

Who we are

Dr Leo Cummins is a scientist who researched beef and sheep with the Victorian Department of Primary Industry at Hamilton, until his retirement in 2002. During his research career, he investigated high fecundity livestock systems, including Booroola sheep and cows producing twins using embryo transfer. While the cost of embryo transfer was hard to justify, the productivity and management of cows with twin calves looked very promising. Leo became aware of the Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) twinning herd from Nebraska which, through a process of selection over 30 plus years, has resulted in cows with a twinning rate of about 50 per cent.

Leo and Liz Cummins have been working with several other producers in the region to develop commercial herds of twinning cattle based on imported embryos and semen from the twinning research herd at MARC.

The first imported embryos were implanted into cows at “Ivanhoe” and “Conmurra Station” in 2004, and the progeny are now producing twin calves at a rate of about 50 per cent. We have made several other importations of both semen and embryos since then.

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